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Medical Waste Disposal

Our state-of-the-art treatment facility is located just outside of Birmingham. We use a high-pressure autoclave sterilization system with high-volume processing capabilities which renders medical waste non-infectious and safe for disposal in sanitary landfills. Our facility is compliant with all State and Federal regulations and we provide you with documentation of treatment for every pickup.

Sensitive Document Shredding Services

We use an Allegheny Shredder which is the gold standard in the shredding industry for service and reliability. Once shredded all material is baled and sent to be recycled. We offer service options that range from a one-time purge of your documents to a routine service set to your schedule. In addition to paper, we also destroy all forms of electronic media/data storage (Hard drives, CD’s, microfilm, etc.). The most important thing when destroying sensitive data is to make sure that everything is destroyed in a secure manner and that you are following all privacy laws. Our secure shredding facility can provide you with documentation so you know your documents are destroyed securely.

OSHA & HIPAA Compliance Training

We provide an online portal for OSHA & HIPAA compliance information, tools and training. Our mission is to revolutionize the way companies manage their compliance, thus reducing risk, protecting the health and safety of workers, and protecting businesses from the costly fines associated with non-compliance.


Four Steps

We provide sanitized/deodorized containers to store your Biohazardous waste or secure containers for sensitive document disposal.
Pick up your containers based on your schedule.
Treat the waste and/or shred documents at our facility according to regulations and send the documentation of treatment or destruction back to you.
We provide on-site education on how to handle and store potentially infectious waste so that you are compliant with all regulations.